Ahead of the curve: AC3 student consultants worked to create crisis plan of APS

During the spring semester AC3 students worked with Chief Scott Kipp of Albion Public Safety (APS) to develop a crisis management plan. In an ongoing relationship between AC3 and APS, student consultants worked to determine a plan in the event of a train derailment resulting in a chemical spill. AC3 students evaluated and created a recommendation for a strategic response, and listed regional resources in the event of a similar emergency. Leading the student consulting group was Audrey Waldo, who’s commitment to her team’s projected resulted in actionable deliverables for APS. Working with Dr. Vicki Baker and Ari McCaskill, the AC3 team was able to create a model for response in the rare event that a crisis should occur in the City of Albion. Want to know more, support or get involved with AC3 please email Ari McCaskill at amccaskill@albion.edu