Bohm Theatre hosting week of concerts and workshops by native Inuit band

The Bohm Theatre is hosting a week of concerts and workshops by a native Inuit band from Alaska, Pamyua. This program is through Arts Midwest’s World Fest where for three years, selected communities will host a musical artist twice a year. Albion is the only city in Michigan selected to be a site for this program from Fall 2022 through Spring 2025! The purpose of this programming is to foster understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation for global cultures. Pamyua is Alaska’s most famous Inuit band. Founded in 1995 by brothers Phillip and Stephen Blanchett, the group includes Ossie Kairaiuak and frequent guest member Karina Moeller. Their performances honor and share indigenous Inuit cultural traditions through ceremony and songs passed down through generations. Their unique performances blend traditional Inuit drum/dance melodies with contemporary R&B and soul music, often referred to as “tribal funk” or “Inuit soul.”