You’re Invited – Insights to the Grants App and Required Gift Documentation

Quinn Phillips and Ashlin Tabiadon of Institutional Advancement have been invited to speak at the annual Slate conference in June. Please join us in Norris 101 Friday, May 19, or Saturday, May 20, at 1 p.m. for their final practice run-throughs of “Building Innovative Tools by the Average Complexity Administrator.” You do not need to know anything about Slate to attend. The goal is to help them feel confident presenting in front of a large audience so that they can positively represent Albion College to their colleagues in Nashville, TN. Attending this practice run will also give you insights into some of the tools the Office of Institutional Advancement has provided. Ashlin will be speaking on the overview and development of the grants application. Quinn will be speaking on the overview and development of how we collect our required gift documentation to ensure we follow donor intent. This is a huge accomplishment for Quinn and Ashlin, and we would like to show our support for their presentation.