Changes Coming to Albion Today

In an ongoing effort to enhance Albion Today, several changes are being implemented.

  • Formatting: You can now format messages using bold for strength and italics for emphasis, instead of resorting to all caps.
  • Post Information: Messages now include the name and email address of the author, making it easier to request additional information. The information regarding the time of posting and the intended audience has been clarified.
  • Email Delivery: The Albion Today email will be sent at 10 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. This change allows for a more thorough editing process, ensuring higher-quality content.
  • Message Length: Messages will have a maximum limit of 1000 characters, enabling concise and focused communication.

These changes should help improve the Albion Today experience for the campus community.

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Albion College students are invited to participate in a research study looking at brain waves associated with trait resilience and memory. This research effort has been granted IRB approval and you will be asked to consent to participate at the beginning of the experiment. This study will require 30 minutes of your time! You will be asked a set of demographic questions, wear a headband to record your brain waves as you look at a set of pictures and listen to a narrative. Immediately after, you will take a 25-item memory test. This test will be repeated one week later. You will receive a T-SHIRT for participating! If you would like to participate, email

Summer Brit Book Opt-out

It has come to the bookstores and Student Accounting attention that many students enrolled in Summer Online Courses have opted out of the Brit Book Program. Please keep in mind this may take your ability to access any digital content for being able to turn in assignment, take test, or access digital textbooks. These items will not be available outside the bookstore and will have to be paid out of pocket. No book vouchers will be issued. Students are allowed to opt out and opt in the program once. After which point you will not be able to opt out again. Opting out will be for both Session 1 and 2. Last day to opt out will be June 8. If you have further questions or concerns please contact the bookstore or student accounting office.

Participants Needed!

Dear Albion College Faculty and Staff

You are invited to participate in a research study investigating the effects of moderate to high-intensity exercise on balance, muscle composition and strength, exercise motivation, and sleep patterns in a sedentary population of adults. The study requires that you participate in ninety minutes of pre- and post-testing the week of May 15th and July 3rd. There will also be fifty-minute exercise classes (intervention group) with a certified exercise instructor or a walking group discussing nutrition (control group) that will meet three days a week for six weeks.

To qualify, you must be 30-60 years old, have no current or recent (within the past six months) musculoskeletal injuries, currently participate in less than ninety minutes of exercise a week, and remain on campus for the summer. If you are interested in participating in this study, please email with the subject line “Exercise Research Study.”

Thank you for your time!