Daoud Family Lectureship: “Fantasmic Objects”

Dr. Kirsten Scheid, author of Fantasmic Objects:  Art and Sociality from Lebanon, 1920-1950, offers a striking study of both modern art in Lebanon and modern Lebanon through art on Thursday, April 11 at 7 p.m. in Towsley Lecture Hall.

Dr. Scheid will speak about her book and its accompanying exhibition.  Scheid traces an emerging sense of what it means to be Lebanese through the evolution of new exhibition, pedagogical, and art-writing practices. She reveals that art and artists helped found the nation during French occupation, as the formal qualities and international exhibitions of nudes and landscapes in the 1930s crystallized notions of modern masculinity, patriotic femininity, non-sectarian religiosity, and citizenship. 

Dr. Scheid is an associate professor at the American University of Beirut. She has conducted field and archival research since 1992 in Lebanon and Palestine and has contributed extensively to the art community.

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Posted on Tuesday, April 02, 2024 by Linda Clawson (LClawson@albion.edu)