GRADUATING SENIORS: Share Your First-Year Experiences

The Albion Pleiad is looking for graduating seniors who started their college career at Albion in 2020. We are looking for students who would be willing to talk about the experience as the “COVID class,” the challenges you faced that year, how that academic year differed and impacted what came afterwards, and so on.

Please fill out this google form for a potential INTERVIEW:

We are also looking for photos from graduating seniors as well to represent what the year was like. Examples include: you and/or your friends in masks, emails from the college with COVID number updates, screenshots of the Aura app, the “bubble” locations, virtual classes, emails about mandatory bi-weekly COVID-testing, etc.

The google form for PHOTOS:

Note: Please do not send photos that A) Have filters B) Are blurry C) Are vertical
*You will receive credit for the photo(s) if they are used*

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