Make your voice heard about the Writing Competence Exam!

Dear Albion College student,

Have you heard of the Writing Proficiency Requirement (WPR)? What about the Writing Competence Exam (WCE)?

If you have, whether you have been required to take the Writing Competence Exam (WCE) or not, we’d like to hear your feedback about this crucial Albion College graduation requirement. To help us out, please follow the link below to make your voice heard!

This survey is part of a study at Albion College to better understand the impact that the Writing Competence Exam (WCE) is having on students across campus. Your feedback will help Dr. Ian Kelley and the WCE Committee to make changes to the Writing Competence Exam so that it is more equitable for students.

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Thanks for your help!

Dr. Ian Kelley and the WCE Committee

Posted on Monday, February 12, 2024 by Ian Kelley (