Solar eclipse Oct. 14

There will be a solar eclipse Saturday, Oct. 14.  The annular solar eclipse will cross North, Central and South America. The “ring of fire” will be visible in parts of the United States, Mexico and many countries in South and Central America. In Albion, we’ll see a partial solar eclipse, with about 45% coverage. As a reminder, a total solar eclipse will occur April 8, 2024, when Albion will see about 97% coverage (with totality in Toledo).

Eclipse glasses are the best way to safely view the Sun and protect your eyes. The Physics Department has a limited supply and is distributing them as loaners for the Oct. 14 eclipse. Please get eclipse glasses from Elisa Reynolds in the Science Complex Office during normal business hours. We expect you to return them when we return to campus after Fall Break.

More information about the Oct. 14 annular eclipse, including the path of totality, can be found here. More information about the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse can be found here.

Posted on Saturday, October 07, 2023 by Nicolle Zellner (